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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  February 24, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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he stared at the ticket when he realized he'd won. i bet he d. he also didn't tell anyone about his good luck for a while. jones opted for the lump-sum payment of $628,000. that will get your weekend off to a good start. the virginia lottery says four more cash blast scratch-off tickets are still unclaimed. >> that stuff never happens to me. never. >> of course not. that's why we're working. >> that's right. working people. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. a milestone moment for maryland. we're looking at what lies ahead now. the lawmakers approved a plan to legalize same-sex marriage. good morning, welcome back to "news4 today," i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. it is friday, february 24, 2012. let's take a live look at 5:00 a.m. 54 degrees. the calendar says february. we've had the whackiest weather.
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today we're going to get all kinds of weather coming into the area. who's going on? >> it's going to be a bumpy ride. we're going to have a lot of changes in a short amount of time. right now after we've had overnight thunder and lightning south and west of washington, south and east, as well, way off to the west where you see the moving color, that's an area of light rain. areas of yellow and orange, that's where there's been thunder and lightning. but that's beginning to break down now as it moves toward the panhandle of west virginia. they are getting light rain now as well as northern shenandoah valley. closer to washington, that area of light green, a few sprinkle northwest washington into montgomery and howard counties. that's heading north and east. and temperatures around the region are generally in the fourth 40s to near 40. reagan national at 52. and we have a high wind warning. all those counties in pink just west of the i-95 corridor including northern fauquier, loudoun, into maryland, gusts to 60 miles per hour later today. that will be during the afternoon and evening. and maybe even gusts to 40 to 50
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miles per hour around the metro area. that would be late this afternoon into this evening. before then, temperatures climbing to near 70 degrees. this is your day planner. maybe some afternoon storms. danella, how's traffic? good morning. i'm checking cameras along route 50 and travel speeds. you look really good as you make your way from annapolis and connect to the capital beltway. no issues to report. and travel speeds at davidsonville road heading westbound, 69 miles per hour. also westbound, if you're making your way into the city, you're at 57 miles per hour. not seeing any issues as you connect on to new york avenue. and if you're taking the rails, they're open now with no reported delays on the metro, marc, or the vre. joe, over to you. >> thank you. [ applause ] a historic moment for same sex couples in maryland. the state senate voted in favor of the civil marriage protection act, bringing the state one step closer to making gay marriage a reality. the bill heads to governor o'malley's desk now, but there
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are still a few more hurdles to clear before gay couples can actually walk down the aisle. aaron gilchrist is at the news4 superscreen with more on that. >> reporter: that bill passed with a narrow 25-22 vote in the maryland state senate. it sets maryland up to become the eighth state along with d.c. to legalize gay marriage. governor o'malley has already said that he will sign the bill into law as soon as it hits his desk. there are opponents of the bill, though, who say that they will stop same-sex marriage from becoming law and force the issue to a statewide referendum. now in order for that to happen, opponents have to collect more than 55,000 signatures by july 1. if they can do that, which is widely expected to happen, a question will appear on the ballot on november 6. that's election day. it will ask all maryland residents whether same-sex marriage should be legalized. right now, polls show that marylanders are evenly split on the issue, but if it passes in referendum, gay marriage would become law, effective january 1
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of next year. now those who are in favor of a referendum have already set up a web site, they're asking people who would be interested in signing to go ahead and register on that site. and they'll let people know when the petition is ready. now back to you. >> aaron gilchrist, thank you. senior defense department officials will issue a formal apologize to the american muslim community for the burning of copies of the koran by american soldiers. the muslim holy books were destroyed earlier this week at bagram air base in afghanistan, sparking deadly riots across the country. president obama sent a letter of apology to afghan president hamid karzai yesterday saying the incident was not intentional. but that is not stopping the anti-american anger in afghanistan. two u.s. soldiers were killed yesterday during rioting. and newt gingrich is criticizing the obama administration for apologizing to afghan authorities for the koran burnings. the republican presidential hopeful calls the apology "astonishing and undeserved." he says afghan president karzai
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actually owes the u.s. an apology for the deaths of the two u.s. soldiers. gingrich went on to say that "if hamid karzai, the president of afghanistan, doesn't feel like apologizing, then we should say good-bye and good luck. we don't need to be here, risking our lives and wasting our money on somebody who doesn't care." a virginia bill that would define life as starting at conception has been tabled now for a year. the state senate in virginia voted to send the so-called personhood bill back to committee and carry it over to 2013. the legislation would make it illegal to destroy embryos and would outlaw almost all abortions. critics say some forms of contraception would be banned, as well. it would take only -- it would only take effect if the supreme court ruling that legalized abortions is overturned. virginia education officials want an exemption from the certain -- from certain rules of the federal no child left behind act. right now virginia schools get a state accreditation rateding as well as a federal progress
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report. virginia's board of education wants to get rid of of the federal measures altogether. instead it would keep state ratings based on achievements in english, math, science and history. d.c. police are looking for a gunman whom they believe shot and killed a man in northeast washington. it happened last night at 10th and galatin streets. the suspect shot the man in the head. he later died at a local hospital. police have not released any information on a possible suspect. fairfax county police are looking for the man who robbed an 82-year-old woman. it happened last weekend on russell road in alexandria. police say he demanded money, then stole her cell phone and her car. the car was found a few days later in a parking lot. the victim, who wasn't hurt in the home invasion, is now helping police to try to catch the suspect. this morning another local school is dealing with a norovirus outbreak. howard university is asking students and staff to take extra precautions so they also do not get sick. and earlier this month,
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george washington university dealt with an outbreak of the norovirus. last week, that virus forced an elementary school in westmoreland county, virginia, to close, as well. it is now 5:06. 54 degrees. walking free this morning. why a judge dismissed the case against a man accused of killing his wife on their honeymoon. we've been spared, but others are not so lucky. who will be digging out this weekend.
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5:10. 53 degrees outside on this february 24. hard to believe. and some clouds above us, as well. let's see what that's going to bring. >> that's right. tom kierein telling us to hold on to our hats. going to be a wild, whacky weather day, tom. it is. temperatures going to warm up about 20 degrees from where we are. now the radar showing rain. that's coming out of west virginia into northern shenandoah valley and western maryland. closer to washington getting a few sprinkles, northern prince george's to montgomery and howard county. that's the areas in green. as we look at the temperatures, we're generally in the 40s around the metro area. mid 40s, montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and into prince george's county and the district, around 50 as well as
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southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore. here's the day planner, sunrise at 6:48. by 9:00, near 60. partly sunny by noontime. will be near 70. may even hit the low to mid 70s by early afternoon. then some storms coming in with some gusty winds by late afternoon. and they'll be even stronger tonight. we'll have winds gusting this evening, perhaps to 50 miles per hour, maybe even higher gusts farther west and north. as we get down to near 50 by midnight. a look at more big change for the weekend in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? if you're traveling along fwhaerk maryland, checking travel speeds there, looking really good. no issues. in fact, you're at 66 miles per hour making your way past 32. and as you continue closer to the beltway, you're at 64 miles per hour. no accidents at this time. and if you're traveling on i-95, getting busy southbound at 216. your travel speeds still good. 64 miles per hour. making your way to the beltway, that trip only takes nine minutes from 216. back to you both.
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>> thank you very much. 5:44. 54 degrees. ahead on "news4 today," it is the latest move that probably won't win peter angelos any fans. why the owner of the orioles is taking facebook to court. why michael jackson's doct
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good morning and welcome back. firefighters in galveston, texas, are trying to contain this fire at a biodiesel plant. the fire is still burning after crude oil -- a crude oil tank exploded around 7:30 last night. one worker was treated for smoke inhalation. a judge dismissed the case against a man accused of killing his wife on their honeymoon. gabe watson was acquitted yesterday after a judge in alabama ruled prosecutors could not provide enough evidence in the case.
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watson was accused of intentionally drowning his wife while on their honeymoon in australia eight years ago. his father spoke after the ruling. >> this is the fifth judge that came to the conclusion that gabe did noggin tensionally to harm his -- did noggin tensionally to harm his wife. i hope everyone can begin to heal. get their lives back together. >> the family of his wife tina says they are disappointed in the decision, and there wasn't a lot of consideration for the victim in this case. michael jackson's former personal physician who was sentenced to four years in prison for causing the pop singer's death in 2009 will be back in court today. dr. conrad murray will ask a judge to let him out of jail while he works on his appeal. murray was convicted in november of involuntary manslaughter. his attorney says he also needs to find a job to help support his seven children. the 9-year-old accused of accidently shooting a classmate may face criminal charges. a judge in washington state set the boy's bail at $50,000.
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police say he brought the gun to school earlier this week, and it fired while it was inside his backpack. it critically injured a girl. washington state law says children can face criminal charges if they have the capacity to understand what they did was wrong. the hearing will be held in two weeks. syrian president bashar al assad is expected to receive an ultimatum today -- agree to a cease-fire or step down. an international conference including the u.s., europe, and arab nations is meeting today in tuesday to discuss options against syria. al assad is accused of unleashing forces against rebels, allegedly killing as many as 4,000 people. meanwhile, former u.n. secretary general kofi annan has been appointed as an envoy on the crisis. al qaeda is claiming responsibility for the coordinated attacks that killed dozens of people in iraq. yesterday, multiple attacks occurred in 12 cities, most targeting police officers.
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al qaeda officials say the bombings and shootings were in response to what they felt was unfair treatment of sunni men and women. iraqi lawmakers say the attacks were aimed to cause sectarian violence and to prevent an upcoming arab league meeting from taking place. the john edwards sex tape may never go public after a settlement between his former mistress and representative andrew young. hunter lived with young and his wife while pregnant with edward's baby. she sued the youngs over the tape and the items the youngs claimed she abandoned in a box of trash. penn state has received a federal subpoena related to former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. the school says federal prosecutors are looking for information about sandusky about a charity for children that he founded, about the university, and three administrators. penn state says it cannot provide more details about the subpoena because of an ongoing investigation into sandusky who's charged with molesting ten
5:19 am
boys. sandusky has denied any wrongdoing. a massive snowstorm is finally moving out of colorado, but not before causing major problems. multiple car crashes closed part of denver's i-70 highway. thousands are still without power after six inches of snow fell after winds of up to 90 miles per hour. while the snow is leaving, the high winds are sticking around for at least another day. we know those can cause a lot of problems. especially power outages. >> now i think the storm if i'm not -- not mistaken, tom, that storm has moved into the chicago area, where they're really getting slammed. >> well, that is a different system. there's a cold front in chicago, triggering snow there. ahead of that, we've got warm air and rain. the moving color here is rain. light rain, western maryland, panhandle of west virginia. earlier there was thunder and lightning, but a lot of that is breaking down. here's the closeup view. we are getting light rain here in far eastern and southeastern
5:20 am
montgomery county. northern prince george's, into anne arundel, howard county, north central maryland. also frederick county, maryland, getting light rain. a few sprinkles there. and across the president obama into western loudoun county -- the potomac into western loudoun county, that rain is heading east. farther west, moderate showers around martinsburg, 81 toward hagerstown. farther south toward winchester getting a little light rain there. temperatures in the shenandoah valley into the mountains are around 40 degrees. blue ridge east, we're milder except leesburg to frederick. arlington near 50. so is washington. and much of prince george's county. southern maryland, northern neck and eastern shore. sunrise at 6:48. here's your day planner. is a look. it's going to be a wild weather day. we'll have temperatures by 9:00 near 60. sun breaking out. then partly sunny to partly cloudy by noontime, near 70. it may get into the low to mid 70s for a brief time early to mid-afternoon. then a strong cold front coming
5:21 am
through triggering maybe some showers and perhaps even some thunder. temperatures dropping down into the 60s by late afternoon. then the winds will really begin to pick up. switching from the southwest to the west, and gusts to around 50 to 60 miles per hour tonight. as temperatures plummet, down to near 50 by midnight. the winds will stay howling through the night and into saturday. here's how it's looking for the weekend. mid 30s tomorrow morning with that gusty wind. windchills will be in the 20s. what a dramatic drop from this afternoon. and then saturday afternoon, a few clouds racing through. winds will diminish. highs in the upper 40s. cold but sunny on sunday. monday, milder, as well as on tuesday. highs in the 50s with some sunshine, maybe rain wednesday. how's traffic? good morning, crossing over the memorial bridge, taking the outer loop, getting -- the memorial bridge, taking the outer loop, getting busy. the inner loop looks good making your way through montgomery county. from i-270 to i-95, you're at 62 miles per hour. only taking ten minutes to make that trip.
5:22 am
and the beltway in prince george's county, looking nice, as well. here's a live look at landover road. if you're traveling this direction on the inner loop from i-95 to route 50, you're at 61 miles per hour, only taking nine minutes. and on the rails, they all still look good with no reported delays on the metro, marc, and vre. back to you. >> danella, thank you very much. a judge has ordered a man in ohio to post an apology on facebook or go to jail. mark byron says he was frustrated with his divorce and child visitation so he vented his frustration on facebook. somehow his wife saw the comments from byron and his friends. a domestic relations court ruled the facebook comments violated a civil protection order against him. now byron has to post an apology every day for 30 days or spend 60 days in jail. one of baltimore's most prominent attorneys and owner of the baltimore oilers has filed a lawsuit on facebook. peter angelos and another firm filed arguing the social network
5:23 am
has violated privacy laws. it claims that facebook has used online tracking technology to monitor users even when they are not on facebook. angelos is representing a baltimore man and a north carolina woman in the suit. facebook said in a statement that they believe the case is without merit. grammy winner chris brown could go back to jail. a woman claims he stole her iphone. crystal span told miami police she spotted brown leaving a club on sunday morning. she says she approached him and took a picture with her phone. that's when she claims he grabbed her phone and took off in his car. florida state attorney's office is preparing a warrant for brown's arrest on suspicion of robbery. in 2009 he admitted to assaulting then-girlfriend rihanna at a pre-grammy awards party. he's currently serving a five-year probation for the attack. "harry potter" author j.k. rowling will publish her first book for adults. publisher little brown will bring the book to shelves in the
5:24 am
u.s. and england. rowli rowling's seventh and final potter story came out in 2011. since then she's been working on a potter encyclopedia and her adult novel. the title of her book, genre, or release date has not been released. i wonder if it will have the same magical quality as "harry potter" did. >> and no word if she has a line of pottery called harry potter pottery, overstated. >> she could probably market anything and people would buy it. >> it has marketed just about everything. a virginia man has a lot more spending money. >> he could buy the pottery. he's the latest winner in the cash blast. jeffrey jones bought the scratch-off ticket from a store on richmond highway. the truck driver told lottery officials he just stared at the doggone thing when he realized that he had won. he also did not tell anyone about his good luck for a while. i'd keep it a secret. jones opted for a lump sum
5:25 am
payment of $628,000. the virginia lottery has four more cash blast scratch-off tickets still unclaimed. time to start scratching. >> that's right. don't spend it all at once. tempting. >> don't. time is 5:25. coming up, crazy crowds trying to get their hands on a hot pair of nike sneaker. how the pandemonium has a mall trending nationwide on twitter. voicing their concerns. the measure some d.c. residents say they are ready to ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ when i want you... ♪ my arms... ♪ when i want you... ♪ ...and all your charms... ♪ whenever i want you, all i have to do is... ♪ ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam [ female announcer ] stream full seasons of shows and top movies instantly. introducing streampix. only from xfinity.
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[ sirens ] [ crowd noise ] chaos across the country as people scramble to get their hands on a hot new shoe. now that crazy science playing out here and head a local mall trending -- and has a local mall trending on twitter nationwide. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> hard to believe. good morning, i'm joe krebs -- not that you're eun yang but the shoe crazy not. good morning, i'm joe krebs. welcome back to nufrts on this friday -- to "news4 today" on this friday, the 24th of february. hard to believe the temperatures we're having this time of year. the 24th of february. we have clouds outside right now. and we have some big changes
5:29 am
headed our way. a glorious day yesterday. >> that means today is going to be warm and maybe some wetness, lots of wind. what'sgoing on, tom? >> then cold, too. no snow. >> no snow. >> it is still february, i know. but it does look like any snow. we will have much colder weather moving in. that will be late tonight. between now and then, big changes on the way. right now, looking at the radar, we've had some thundershowers out of the mountains. those are breaking down now, and as they head off to the east, we have just light rain, areas in green. that's now just coming into the northern shenandoah valley and to the panhandle of west virginia and into maryland now. and it's raining light to moderately around the panhandle of west virginia from martinsburg to charleston. then into virginia into loudoun county. and farther north and east into washington and frederick county, maryland, they're getting light rain there in that area in green. a few sprinkles in howard county, around baltimore. elsewhere, clouds racing through. temperatures are chilly, mid 40s
5:30 am
in fairfax county. arlington's near 50. montgomery county's the mid 40s, prince george's county near 50. and so's the district of columbia. much of southern maryland, northern neck eastern shore near 50. and we're going to have a strong cold front coming in by later today. there's capitol hill in the distance. live view, sunrise at 6:48. here's the day planner -- partly sunny near 9:00. near 60 by noontime. by 5:00, low to mid 70s. then the cold front between 3:00 and 7:00, triggering showers, perhaps thunder. temperatures begin to drop back into the 60s during the afternoon. and winds will increase. we could have gusts to around 40 to 50 miles per hour this afternoon. that will continue into tonight. a look at your friday evening planner in ten minutes. danella has a look at our traffic. good morning. good morning, if you're taking metro this morning, expect delays on the red line right now due to a track problem at bethesda. metro single tracking between medical center and friendship heights. you'll have delays in both
5:31 am
directions. traveling on i-66 looking good heading eastbound as well as westbound, no problems for you. eastbound travel speeds, 62 miles per hour from fairfax county. 11 minutes to get to the capital beltway. i-66 inside the beltway, volume light, not seeing any accidents. a live look at glebe. in fact, from the beltway to gw parkway, you're at 56 miles per hour. only taking you 11 minutes to make that trip. joe, back to you. >> danella, thank you very much. rick santorum is gaining support among women in -- women voters in decision 2012. his improving numbers come as santorum speaks out more recently about his opposition to birth control and abortion. a new "washington post" poll shows his favorability rating among women moved up 13 point since january to 57%. republican women voters still like mitt romney better than santorum. his favorability rating is 61%. that has not changed much during the race. newt gingrich, though, is a distant third among women at
5:32 am
37%. that has dropped about 30 points in the last two months. seven states are taking legal action to block a obama administration mandate on birth control. it requires religious-affiliated institutions such as hospitals and universities to pay for contraception in their health care policies. the lawsuit alleges that the new rule violates the first amendment's protection from government intrusion on religious rights. the obama administration has said it will shift the requirement from the employers to health insurers themselves. the states joining include nebraska, florida, michigan, ohio, oklahoma, south carolina, and texas. this morning, maryland is one step closer to becoming the eighth state along with the district of columbia to legalize same-sex marriage. [ applause ] >> cheers erupted in the chamber as the results were announced. the senate voted 25-22 in favor of the civil marriage protection act. the house approved the measure last week.
5:33 am
after the vote, maryland's only openly gay senator from montgomery county said it was a huge honor to take part in this historic vote. >> i think i'm speechless on this vote. it's a remarkable day for the people of the state of maryland. i'm proud to have been a part of it. >> this has been a difficult issue for many people. as one maryland we came together around the principle of human dignity. and we're moving forward. >> the legislation is headed to the governor's desk. and he is expected to sign it, but it will not go into effect until january. opponents say they will get enough signatures to bring the issue to voters with a referendum on the november ballot. d.c. residents are speaking out about a recent spike in robberies. armed robberies up 106% through the first month and a half of 2012 compared to last year. last night ward three residents met with police chief kathy lanier to discuss the issue. some said they're considering getting a gun to fight back against would-be criminals.
5:34 am
chief lanier says d.c. police are doing everything they can to help stop these robberies from happening. >> we have attacked this problem from every side. i mean, we've attacked it from uniformed presence to presence with undercovers, from, you know, decoy operations and bait operations and going after -- we've attacked it from every side. >> chief lanier added that they're working with montgomery county police and hope to make a major announcement soon regarding the rash of robberies. d.c. police are on the hunt for a gunman whom they say shot and killed a man in northeast washington. it happened last night at 10th and galatin near ft. totten. police say the suspect shot the man in the head. he later died at a local hospital. police have not released any information on a possible suspect. new from overnight, the release of a new basketball sneaker led to a chaotic scene down in florida. according to the "new orleans sentinel" newspaper -- "orlando sentinel" newspaper, more than 100 officers were called to break up a rowdy crowd.
5:35 am
some officers were in riot gear. the scene comes as orlando hosts this year's nba all-star game this weekend. well, hundred of shoe fanatics are also lined up at malls here in d.c. for that new sneaker. but many may be disappointed. look at the shoe everyone is lining up to get. it is nike's new galaxy foamposite 1. it costs $220 and comes out today. news4's tracee wilkins joins us live from the mall at prince george's county. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, joe. you forgot to mention that they also glow in the dark. which is part of the reason everybody wants to get a pair of these shoes. here's the other reason -- let me show you quickly how much the shoes are going for on ebay already. here's a pair here that someone's selling, a 9 1/2 for little more than $1,000. $1,025. you go down a little further and there's some more shoes here. this one's going for $1,300. next to it, $2,000 for this pair
5:36 am
here. that's the deal. if you get ahold of the shoes, you can sell them on ebay. perhaps that's why folks are hanging out here hoping they can get a pair of shoes. we've been told by hyattsville police, prince george's county police and also securities at the mall that they are not -- also security at the mall that they are not going to be selling the tennis shoes. we understand a spokesperson for footlocker is going to address the crowd soon to let them know no tickets are coming out. we're not distributing any shoes today. they're hoping that folks will leave. police are on standby just in case things get out of control here. you can see from not only the crowd but also this parking lot that it's absolutely packed. of course, the mall is not open. these folks were expecting the store to open at 5:00 a.m. and allow some people to go in and get the tennis shoes. now they're saying that's not going to be the case. again, in addition to having these shoes and having the bragging rights of having these shoes, they can also get you a
5:37 am
lot of money on ebay if someone buys them. reporting from prince george's county, news4. >> is it your impression that most people want to buy the shoes in order to resell them for a profit or because they want the shoes? >> reporter: you always get a mixed crowd here. we talked to one gentleman who says that he's collecting them. so this will be his sixth pair if he gets them. others want to sell them and get the money, of course. >> i'll bet. thank you very much. our time is 5:37. the charlottesville community still reacting to that george huguely trial. what one juror is telling us about how they reached the verdict they did. a dramatic accident caught on tape. what may have caused this helicopter to shake itself to pieces. and brace yourself for a wild weather day.
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good morning. time for weather and traffic. mostly cloudy in storm center 4. this morning, clouds produce something light rain. these areas in color right now northern shenandoah valley, the panhandle of west virginia, and
5:41 am
much of western maryland from allegheny, northern loudoun county, too, the area of dark green, more moderate rain heading north and east. northern anne arundel into howard county, sprinkles heading north and east. mid 40s in montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and in prince george's county, near 50. so's the district of columbia and southern maryland. here's your day planner. we'll have a little sun breaking out mid morning. it will be at 70 near noontime, low to mid 17 early afternoon. cold front might trigger showers and thundershowers late afternoon with gusty winds. we'll drop back into the 60s. then windy tonight, gusts of over 50 miles per hour possible. near 50 by midnight. a look at the weekend and next week in ten minutes. danella? on i-95, volume increasing passing route 1. still a good travel speed. 61 miles per hour from the occoquan to the beltway. and crossing over the 14th street bridge, no issues at this time. travel speeds on 395, 59 miles per hour from the beltway to the 14th street bridge.
5:42 am
you're only taking 12 minutes at this time. back to you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. 5:41. the snowfall has been all but nonexistent around the d.c. area. that doesn't mean the states are saving money. why maryland says it's nearly used up its entire snow-removal budget. preparing for hollywood's big night. why this ye
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
welcome back. foreca fairfax county police are on the hunt for a man who demanded money from a woman and store her cell phone and car. the car was found a few days later in a parking lot. residents in the area say they're shocked by the brazen attack and are tightening up their security in their homes. >> i have two kids here. yeah. definitely. as a matter of fact, i usually keep like -- i have a camera in my garage because we had stuff stolen out of our garage a few
5:46 am
years ago. >> i'm not scared because i keep baseball bat in my house. but hey, it could happen to anybody. >> luckily the woman was not hurt and is working with police to find the man responsible. one of the jurors who convicted george huguely in the death of ex-girlfriend yeardley love says justice was served. the jury convicted the former uva lacrosse player of second-degree murder and grand larceny on wednesday. juror ian glomsky tells news4, "i feel the jury did its job and that justice was served. we did the job the best we could." the jury recommended huguely serve 26 years in prison. the judge will consider the recommendation at huguely's formal sentencing hearing in april. the defense team says it is considering filing an appeal. the president of the university of maryland university college is on indefinite leave. the chancellor of the state university system is giving no reason for susan aldrich's leave. a university spokesman calls the news a surprise. aldrich has led the school since
5:47 am
2006. umuc is the largest public university in the country. it has more than 9,000 students, many living overseas that take classes on line. a partisan budget battle is brewing in richmond. the senate failed to pass its version of the two-year budget yesterday. every democratic senator voted against the plan. republicans say they have politically bruised egos because the gop majority is not sharing enough power. democrats say they're not playing politics. the senate will likely vote on the budget already passed by the house next week. but there's no guarantee that senate democrats will vote for that budget either. the battle over labor uniiors could cost the dulles rail project millions in funding from the state of virginia. the general assembly there passed legislation yesterday that bans the commonwealth from giving money to projects that discriminate against contractors who do not want to use union labor. the metropolitan washington airport's authority which is overseeing the construction of the dulles rail project plans to give a bidding advantage to
5:48 am
contractors who voluntarily agree to use union labor on the second phase of the construction project. maryland lawmakers are considering stiffer punishment for drunk driving cases that put children in danger. under the proposed bill, anyone convicted of a dui with a child in the car would have to install an ignition interlock in their car. the device requires drivers to blow a sober reading into a breathalyzer attached to the vehicle. the bill would also call for a maximum penalty of two years in prison for dui cases involving a minor. the house judiciary committee will now review the proposal by montgomery county delegate sam aurora. the ambulance used by an alexandria paramedic who died on the job is back on the street. joshua weissman died earlier this month while responding to a crash on interstate 395 in shirlington. he fell through an opening in the overpass and landed 20 feet below into a rocky creek bed. weissman was a seven-year veteran. he was 33 years old. the louisa county high school will receive millions of dollars from the federal
5:49 am
government to help rebuild from last summer's earthquake. fema is now giving that school $19 billion to help rebuild. that's a little less than half of the $43 million needed to complete their construction. insurance money as well as local and state funding will help pay the remaining balance. fema recently awarded millions of dollars to help rebuild the elementary school in louisa county, as well as money to homeowners in the area to help them rebuild. despite all the warm weather we have seen this winter, the state of maryland says almost all of its snow-removal budget is gone. the state highway administration reports using $30 million of its $36 million budget. a bullet radio station reports that highway crews have gone out 14 times this winter, and that accounts for some of the budget. western maryland has seen about seven feet of snow this winter. there's an outdoor burning ban
5:50 am
in prince william virginia. officials want to an vorks aid repeat of a fire that destroyed homes that led officials to shut down interstate 95. the unusually warm weather is making it pleasant to be outside but tough for winter activities. ice skating was getting more challenging for the people at reston town center with temperatures in the 60s. staff members had to put caution cones in the middle of the rink to keep skater away from the puddles. e i'm sure it was like slushy ice skating. >> rockville town center has an ice rink and the zamboni has pontoons. >> wonder what's going on. it was 70 yesterday. >> you can kayak on the ice rinks. we are going to have another day into the 70s. then it will feel like february again tomorrow and sunday. well, let's look at what's going on now. good morning. tom kierein. right now as we have a look at the radar, that area of moving color is rain. now that was producing some thunder and lightning about two
5:51 am
hours ago in south central west virginia. but those thundershowers are now breaking down just as lights rain showers. they're advancing to the east. closest rain now to washington is northern montgomery county into loudoun county. points west and north of there, there's one little moderate shower here in far southern frederick county, near point of rocks, maryland. and that's advancing off to the north and east heading toward mt. airy. farther west and north, washington county, panhandle of west virginia, getting more line rain as well as sprinkles in northern anne arundel county. temperatures around the region are generally near 40 west and north, frederick to leesburg to winchester and farther south. in the mid 40s. near washington, forecast, montgomery -- fairfax, montgomery, arlington, upper 40s to mid 40s farther west in western fairfax, northern montgomery, near 50 in washington. prince george's county and southern maryland, all these counties in pink under a high wind warning for later today and into tonight. gusts to 60 miles per hour there. and all the counties in the
5:52 am
beige color including washington and the nearby suburbs could have gusts to near 40 to 50 miles per hour later this afternoon. here's your day planner. we'll have a rapid warmup with a little sunshine breaking out by mid to late morning and around noontime. temperatures near 70 degrees. may actually climb into the low to mid 70s early to mid-afternoon. then a strong cold front comes in. that triggering some showers and maybe some thunder, too. that would be between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. and we'll be having temperatures drop rapidly after that with some strong, gusty winds. the strongest winds are going to be late afternoon and then overnight tonight. we'll be down to near 50 degrees by midnight. then the 30s by dawn saturday. tomorrow, still gusty winds, highs only in the 40s with some sunshine. winds diminish, sunny and cold on sunday. a bit milder with sunshine monday, tuesday. danella, how's traffic? good morning, taking the rails, still seeing a delay on the red line due to metro's single tracking between medical center and friendship heights. expect delays in both directions. and if you're traveling in the
5:53 am
district, inbound new york avenue, left lane is blocked by an accident. police are on the scene. this is at 9th street. be aware of that as you make your commute. stockton the right to get by -- stick to the right to get by. in maryland on i-270, not bad yet. a live look southbound at father hurley, travel lines open as you make your way to rockville. northbound no issues to report at this time. joe and eun, back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:53. scary moment for the crew of a brazilian fire department rescue helicopter. the chopper broke into pieces just moments after it landed. take a look. it starts to shake violently there. investigators believe a phenomenon known as ground resonance is to blame. that happens when a helicopter continues to turn while the contra-- while the craft is on the ground. four people suffered minor injuries. apple's biggest market, china, almost lost access to one of the most popular products. pro-view is in an von going
5:54 am
battle with apple -- ongoing battle with apple over the name. it claims to have trademarked the name in 1999 and asked a court to stop apple from selling the ipad in the country. that would have forced apple to take the ipad off its own shelves. the court rejected the request, however. the company says it is looking to settle out of court. there's the ipad, iphone, and ipod. why not an istove? trug be told, apple had nothing to do with this knockoff. the blog cena reports that a company in china is calling itself apple china and was caught selling an iphone gas stove. it is essentially a hot plate with an apple logo and the word iphone slapped on the front. buy it at your own risk. cops raided a warehouse in china and seized boxes of the phony apple stoves. >> my goodness. you could slap an iphone stick or anything. look -- >> that is sweet looking. >> there you go. a year ago, panera bread
5:55 am
made an unusual move of using the honors system at some restaurants. now the company says it's paying off. the sandwich and bread company says that it will open at least two more pay what you want cafes by the end of the year. the concept is simple. panera lists a suggested price, but customers pay what they want or what they can. three similar cafes are already open in st. louis, portland, older, and dearborn, michigan. panera says about 20% of customers pay more than recommended and 20% pay hess or nothing. looks like pepsi is shaking the can again. the country's number-two cola company will release a soda with half the calories of its regular soda next month. pepsi next is a stab at winning back cola drinkers who have shied away from the cans with loads of sugar and calories. pepsi says the new drink will more closely imitate the taste of regular pepsi but will use artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup. washington's power players often face tough questions whether from the media or
5:56 am
lawmakers on capitol hill, while some influential figures will soon be answering questions from another source. alex trebek, "jeopardy!" is coming to washington for its power players week. the show will be taped before a live audience at dar constitution hall in april. "jeopardy!" will announce the contestants a few days before the taping. the shows are scheduled to air in may. the super bowl of movies. advertisers are shelling out lots of cash finish commercials during the oscars. 3-second spots running for $1.7 million. analysts say it is so expensive because advertisers will unveil new products on sunday night. samsung will launch a smart tv which responds to voice and motion commands. hyundai will have four new adds for its luxury car, the azera. and the 84th academy awards will honor the movie industry's best from the past year. >> there will be nostalgic nods including a special nod to the first year.
5:57 am
the silent film "wings" won the equivalent of best picture in 1929. for the first time since then, silence could be golden. the black and white silent film "the artist" is up for best picture and is expected to charm academy voters. eight other films are best picture contenders including "the help," "the descendants," and "hugo." billy crystal is also returning to the awards show. he is serving as host for the ninth time. he is always funny and charming. >> absolutely terrific. >> so i think they're going to go back to what they know that works. >> ought to give it to him permanently. good gig for him, as well. and you haven't seen many of films. >> i amway behind. you love me. and you loved "the artist." >> i hope it wins. was clever and a delightful film. >> top of my list. >> yeah. 5:37. 6:15. why apple's ceo says his company has too much money. and the risk one of the best-selling authors in history is taking.
5:58 am
5:59 am
historic vote. maryland lawmakers approve a bill that wouldow


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